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  • Caring Chiropractor Delivering Relief Throughout the Highland, Illinois Area

    Highland Chiropractic and Dr. Mark Lacich have been proudly serving the local area since 2002!

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    Visit our skilled chiropractor after an accident for a speedier recovery. We can help reduce your pain and rebuild your muscles to assist in your rehabilitation!

  •  sports injury highland il

    Bring us your sprains and strains and we’ll get you back in the game! Chiropractic care is a highly beneficial option to reduce inflammation and promote healing. 

  • neck pain highland illinois

    Our daily lives put a great deal of stress on our bodies. Chronic headaches and back pain from poor posture or other factors can be relieved through regular chiropractic maintenance. 

  • headaches highland il

    At Highland Chiropractic, we don’t just correct the areas of your body that are misaligned, we offer advice to our patients so they can live healthier and avoid issues altogether! 

  • workman’s comp highland illinois

    Repetitive injuries or other on-the-job accidents can bring your life to a standstill. Our office accepts worker’s compensation cases to get you back on the job as quickly as possible. 

  • pediatric chiropractic highland il

    Don’t forget about your little one! Pediatric chiropractic care can encourage proper growth, improve immune system functionality, and reduce other childhood health conditions.

  •  back pain highland illinois

    During your pregnancy, your body endures a lot of stress. Our quality chiropractor can help manage your hip and joint pain as well as establish pelvic balance.

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    Naturally, our bodies deteriorate as we age. You don’t have to live with pain or a reduced quality of life. We're here to help you live your golden years in the best quality of health possible!

  • Professional Chiropractor for Highland, Illinois

  • At Highland Chiropractic, we believe that there is no reason to live your life in pain. Whether it is caused by an accident, injury, or just daily stress and exertion, get relief from our expert chiropractor! Highland Chiropractic was founded in 2002 for the purpose of helping and healing local residents. If you are dealing with pain, consult with one of our courteous representatives for treatment options to bring you back to a healthy lifestyle. We accept insurance plans and can even file your claim for you. We also offer payment plans and accept all major credit cards as well. We’re here to help you – make an appointment or stop by for walk-in treatment as well!

  • Our team’s chiropractic care can improve your health and well-being by aiding:

    • Headaches
    • Neck pain
    • Back pain
    • Pain throughout the arms or legs
    • Arthritis
    • Relief from stress or tension disorders
    • Blood pressure
    • Sciatica
    • Scoliosis
    • Frozen shoulder syndrome
    • Digestion issues
    • Immune system effectiveness
    • Asthma or other breathing difficulties
    • …and much more!
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  • In conjunction with other healthy lifestyle choices, regular chiropractic care can benefit patients of all ages, helping them to maintain healthy and active lifestyles. Additionally, visit our office if you have recently had an auto accident, sporting injury, or on-the-job injury. Our skilled chiropractor can offer a variety of treatments for pain relief as well as rehabilitation to get you back to your normal life and routine in no time! Additionally, if our care isn’t the right fit for your need, we’ll refer you to a specialist that is. Our only priority is your health and well-being!

    Highland Chiropractic is committed to serving local area residents. In fact, we’ve been voted among the best chiropractors in Highland. With quality care and friendly treatment for over 16 years, it’s easy to see why! Our service to the local community doesn’t stop there. We are also deeply involved with local organizations and donate to local charities on a monthly basis. Visit our office today and see how our caring staff can provide you with fast, affordable pain relief!